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Australian Executive Leadership Coaching Centre


The Australian Executive Leadership Coaching Centre is network of experienced executive coaches founded by Peter Thompson and David Moont in the 1998. It now incorporates the Asian Executive Leadership Coaching Centre with coaches working across Asia and Australasia.

AELCC focuses on business improvement, working with top-level executives and the executives and teams that report to them mostly in large corporate and public sector organisations. Clients include multinational corporations as well as large local corporations and government departments.

Many large organisations now use coaching for the development of their leaders and for supporting their leaders through their transitions and through organisational change. The two most common concerns we receive from organisations is that they need more than one coach and this results in first, different coaches delivering different messages in different ways and second, different coaches encourage different expectations in the participants and encourage them to look for better roles. AELCC addresses these concerns.

The major focus for AELCC is Systemic Coaching in which we provide coaching programs for a large number of executives across the senior levels of an organisation in which there is consistency of models and frameworks and leadership language to build leadership culture. AELCC coaches are all successful coaches with significant successful business experience and trained to deliver consistent messages and techniques. The models used remain with the organisation for cascading to other levels.